An Everyday Kind Of Love – Katelyn Borek

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Photo: Again We Say Rejoice Photography

Author: Katelyn Borek

“This love is an everyday kind of love.”

This life can get a little bit routine from time to time, can’t it? As a college student, I often feel like my life can be a broken record of wake up, inhale coffee, sit through lectures, read, write, study, and sleep (very little). It can be so easy to fall into mundane patterns for the sake of getting it all done and checking all the necessary boxes. With that sense of routine, waiting for the mountain top moments with the Lord can be the lifeline for charisma and encounters. Jumping from moment to moment with the Lord is natural, but there is so much to behold in the valleys. Think of what would have been if Moses did not come down from the mountain and seek the Lord there. In the days where it all feels typical and ordinary, it can be easy to neglect the gentle promptings and words of the Lord. But where is God in doing the dishes? How is He in this seemingly forever long assignment? Or this school carpool line that I have become far too familiar with? Where is God working in this pile of overdue old laundry?
In a life of repetitive schedule, I have been challenged in learning how absolutely captivated the Lord is with my everyday and moment. He is so delighted in waking us up and setting a new dawn before us— a new time in which we can be a grace-filled, Kingdom-seeking, reflections of Jesus in the area in which He has chosen to place me. There is nothing accidental in this life and I am firmly anti-coincidence. The Lord has written in His word that He has a plan (Jer. 29:11, Psalm 33:11), His preparation and workmanship are in all (Eph. 2:10), and that everything is for and from Him (Rom. 11:36). The Earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it (Psalm 24:1)— that includes the dirty dishes, long homework assignments, and oil changes. The life in which you’re living and the responsibilities you have been given are given by the star-breather. He has something for you in that periodic agenda, and it is divine.
When our outlook shifts from having two categorical types of experiences with the Lord (mild vs. mountain-top) to having one (ever-present and constantly active), we see the glory that comes from inviting The Maker of the Universe into our ordinary. The Father is all about the crazy, beautiful, Holy Spirit invading times of worship and prayer. He loves it. But, He is also the still small whisper (1 Kings 19:12) that comes in the dry desert times where there seems to be no living water. He is the Lord that spoke through a donkey! He loves to show up in ALL times, in ANY thing. He has a daily bread for each and every one of us to be filled on, and He desires for all things to be spiritual and for His glory. Jesus took on human flesh, He walked as we walk and He dignified our existence, making our humdrum now heavenly.
My hope for you is that you would be romanced by the invading presence of Jesus Christ in your every moment. That your heart would be delighted in the perusal He constantly puts forth for the sake of your relationship with Him. I pray that you would be made full awake to the glory that surrounds you, as the Holy Spirit is constantly at work (“Now Peter and those who were with him were heavy with sleep, but when they became fully awake they saw his glory and the two men who stood with him.” Luke 9:32). I encourage you to practice listening in to the still, small voice of the Majestic King as you drive to school, work, or the gym. Ask The Father what it is He has for you in this day and seek the wisdom and instruction that He gives willingly to those who ask (James 1:5). Walk with Him and see the glory that is it to be revealed to you for Him. You are so loved and the King of Kings is enthralled with you and your everyday.



Katelyn Borek is a first year at Georgia State University in crazy, wonderful Atlanta, GA where she is studying public policy with a concentration in nonprofit management. She is called to abolitionist ministry and dreams of working in the restoration process of anti-trafficking. She is a lover of worship, missions, folk music, weak, sweet coffee, fellowship, and travel. Her favorite verses are Psalm 27:4 and Micah 6:8. Kate is so excited about the words of The Lord that are going to be shared through The Well!

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