Happily Ever After – Joy York


Photo: Again We Say Rejoice Photography

Author: Joy York

Today’s blog post is written by the one and only Joy York! More of her writing can be found on her blog joystuff!

Existing, breathing in and out, stumbling, dragging, heart heavy, forcing the effort not because of desire, but because of duty, just making it through day by day. Wondering at the point, the purpose, the point, the purpose. How’d I get here? Where was the turn? How do you go from knowing you are the daughter of the king, the princess, to this separation, this dread, this feeling of despair?

I suppose that’s always the fairy tale right? The beautiful, joyous princess is attacked by the evil one: She might be separated from all she loves or just deadened to all feelings. She might be abandoned for a time. Does she know the ending while in this limbo?

Happily. Ever. After. That’s where I want to exist, to remain. I want that to be the beginning, the middle and the end. Forget the evil guys, the suspense, the heartache. I want a nice consistent happily, ever after, now. Ever read that story? The story that is completely peaceful and happy all the way through? I doubt it. We know by life, by instinct, by looking around, no one is living a perfect ‘happily ever after’ all the time. Most of us can’t see how many pages away we are from happily ever after. Many of us aren’t sure even if that will be our ending. We are trying to survive this page, evil either on its way or already here. We know we are not capable on our own; we need help, deliverance, and salvation.

Here’s what I like about the fairy tale: the resolution. I can take it all in just one sitting, the forming of the characters and unique characteristics of the individuals involved (usually readily identifiable as good or evil). We read the dilemmas, trials, and struggles sometimes mixed in with humor right up until the crisis. The epiphany of struggle occurs but we read on bravely keeping hope stirring in our heart and soon we are rewarded because, yes, once again good has conquered and evil is defeated and happily ever after comes to town. A nice tidy thirty-minute read, maybe a little shorter, maybe a little longer.

But what if it took us a year to read, two, five, twenty, what if it took eighty years to read? How much more we could take from the story, but how much harder to stay focused, involved, to not get lost in the minutia of eating meals, cleaning castles, and taking out trash. Not to mention the intertwined stories of relatives, friends, and neighbors still circling through and around. It might be easy to miss out on the magic if we became too distracted by the mundane.

I am reminded of the story of Joseph in the bible, not a fairy tale, but has many of the same elements: a favored child, a plan to do him harm, an unlikely ‘rescue’ as he works his way into an easier service track for the king, only to be falsely accused and imprisoned by the queen, yet finally exonerated, put in charge of the kingdom and reunited with his family. We get the snapshot, the climax, and eventually the happy ending, but we don’t live and feel the days in between. Were there days of doubt and despair? Were there days of hopelessness and struggle, perhaps even bitterness and depression? I would guess so.

For today I want to remember that I am the daughter of a king, a princess. I want to rise above the mundane and remember I too am involved in a story far greater than what I can see. I have already been rescued but my story doesn’t end there. There are still evil forces plotting, still challenges ahead. My savior is still loving and fighting for me even when I can’t see or feel him. I have a limited viewpoint of what’s around the corner. I don’t know how many pages are left, but I am left with choosing to believe in love, in hope, in good conquering evil, and even in happily ever after.



Joy York is a wife to Grady, and mom to 3 amazing young ladies. Writing helps her sort through life. She enjoys hiking, napping, music, dancing and reading (not necessarily in that order). To balance the practical aspects of her nature she is attempting to invite more creativity and faith into each day. Some days that is easier than others. You can find more of her musings on joystuff at wordpress.org.

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