Just Do ‘It’! – Katie Brown

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Photo: Melody McMunn

Author: Katie Brown

Just Do ‘It’

It’s no secret that Nike is one of the most successful and recognizable sports brands of all time. After all, most of us see that famous swoosh logo on clothes, shoes and billboards every day.

A major reason for Nike’s dominance is its brilliant and widely known slogan, ‘Just Do It.’ It’s the kind of inspirational saying that makes you feel like you can take on the world or at least make it to the gym once in a while.

Every day we also encounter the pressing issues facing the world today.  When we consistently see and hear about all the poverty, oppression and violence in our midst and around the globe, it’s tempting to feel defeated. There seems to be a clear disparity between the glaring amount of problems and the scarcity of helpful solutions.

As followers of Jesus, we understand we are called to stand in this gap and share Christ’s love with a hurting world. However when it comes to practically living out this calling, there are so many people to help, so many issues to resolve and so much injustice to correct that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to even begin.

Deep down we know that we are only human and there is only so much that we can do as individuals during our limited time on Earth. So where does that leave us? One response is that we can try to do everything and run around frantically attempting to solve every problem and fix every issue. Ultimately with this approach, regardless of how great our intentions are or how much effort we put in, the actual impact will be minimal and superficial. In this quest to do everything, we really accomplish nothing.

This is not our true mission. God has not called you to do everything, but he has called you to do something. The question is, what is your something?

I love how writer and theologian Frederick Buechner explains it. He defines personal calling as the place where your greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need. This critical intersection is your ‘it.’

If you are unsure of your calling, bring it before God. Diligently seek him first, quiet yourself before him and he will do the rest. Allow him to reveal to you your deepest passions and the issues that most burden your heart.

Then once you know what your ‘it’ is, the next step is simple. Just do it.


Katie Brown is the current Rising Students Intern and is excited to share her heart with the women of Rising Church! She believes in the transforming power of relationships and hopes this blog and The Gathering will help bring women of all ages together in rich community. Katie is originally from southern California and loves coffee, road trips and football.

2 thoughts on “Just Do ‘It’! – Katie Brown

  1. Thank you for sharing! You are correct, the current 24 hour news cycle gives us access to knowledge of all the world’s best and worst. In my haste to do I often end up putting Band-Aids on the fire hydrant size bleed. Finding the one thing is also challenging but a worthy indever for sure!


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