Grace Like Rain – Katelyn Borek

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Author: Katelyn Borek

I was at the 2017 Passion Conference, standing on the floor of the Georgia Dome (RIP) surrounded by thousands of other young adults, all lifting high the name of Jesus through worship. I can’t remember what song it was or who was singing; I just remember seeing something that will forever change my view of the Gospel. I had my eyes closed, focusing in on The Lord and His thick presence in that massive dome. Then, in my mind’s eye, I saw Jesus. He was on the cross on that hill, as if it were +/-2000 years ago. And I was there too, kneeling under his feet. The sky was black, and the world felt like it was swirling around wildly yet standing completely still all at the same time. Then, a single drop of his blood fell from his brow, growing in size as it came towards me until it was big enough to cover over my whole being. It landed on my head and washed over all of me.

The vision ended, and I opened my eyes and looked up as the supernatural became natural in the most simple and amazing way. I looked up and a single piece of red confetti was falling from the dome ceiling– falling right in front of me just as if it were the drop of blood. There had not been confetti released at any other part of the conference, nor would there be. It was not a coincidence; it was the Lord. If that was not crazy enough, on the last day of the conference, it happened again! Except for this time, it was not a red piece but a gold one! It was almost too amazing to be true. The one random, yet perfectly intentional, red confetti after that vision was completely mind blowing the first time, and then the Lord decided to do it again with a gold piece! I was, and still am, in awe.

What does all that mean? Ask God for yourself, as He is always speaking and can use the experiences of others for individual messages. But this is what He taught me: there is a celebration in the cross (in His and ours – Matthew 16). And in that celebration, there is a direct repercussion and following of divine royalty. There is a joyous holiness in being washed in the blood of the victorious Kingdom bought by the sacrificial blood of the King; thus, redeeming the lowliest of this earth by His power alone. (1 Cor. 1:30) His grace falls upon us like rain, not by our own doing, but by the generosity of Father God. (Eph. 2:8-9) This grace is like gold in the sense that it withstands the fire, remaining faithful and praiseworthy throughout the ages. The grace of Jesus was taken from unjust red blood to boundless golden glory.

Hebrews 12 says: “For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” We are the joy set before Jesus; we are the inheritance in which He put Himself on the cross to receive into the perfect relationship, fulfilling the prophecies of the OT and solidifying the future of the Kingdom. That is worth celebrating! This is the GOOD NEWS! The Gospel is this scandalous contradiction of joy and suffering– of red and gold, bringing about the greatest victory this Earth has seen through the greatest injustice it has ever done. It is by the incomprehensible grace of Jesus that He chose to purchase the tearing of the veil, the redemption of all humankind, and the invitation into a glorious return to relationship with the Father. Today and every day and into eternity with Him, we get to celebrate that.

Be amazed at the redemptive power of God and the surreal victory of Jesus on the cross and do not let the power of that day grow dim, for it is by the bloodshed that glory was made available to us. Really think about it. Marvel at it. Stand in awe. It can be easy to make the cross an Easter story and a nice necklace, but it is such a HUGE deal! My heart has been awakened greater to its power and I just want to remind you, ladies, that today and every day, it is our lifeline! It is what is allowing us to get up in the morning and walk about our days. It’s the unexplainable mercy of God—the grace of highest price that brings about true relationship, the opportunity to pursue holiness in/with Christ, and forgiveness for our continual shortcomings. I pray that you too will celebrate the drop of blood that was shed for you and rejoice in the generosity and love of Jesus Christ for your life. He is so deserving of our praise. Continually.

This is the art of celebration

Knowing were free from condemnation

Oh, praise the One, praise the One

Who made an end to all my sin

-Rend Collective

Katelyn Borek is a first year at Georgia State University in crazy, wonderful Atlanta, GA where she is studying public policy with a concentration in nonprofit management. She is called to abolitionist ministry and dreams of working in the restoration process of anti-trafficking. She is a lover of worship, missions, folk music, weak, sweet coffee, fellowship, and travel. Her favorite verses are Psalm 27:4 and Micah 6:8. Kate is so excited about the words of The Lord that are going to be shared through The Well!

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