Broken and Beautiful – Joy York


Author: Joy York 

“She has got it together.” That is the phrase I occasionally say with longing about someone else. And perhaps the phrase I would long to hear being said of me. But this week I have once again been reminded of how impossible or maybe even how irrelevant having it all together is. Thinking through in categories: Relationships with spouse, relationships with friends, relationships with co-workers, finances, physical health (eating, exercise, sleep), mental wellness, emotional wellness, time management, parenting, spiritual growth, and I am sure there are more categories to fill. I certainly don’t have any of these ‘together’, just pieces here and there. But I read an analogy this week that has stuck with me.

“God looks at our brokenness much more like something called Kintsugi. This is a ceramic restoration process developed in Japan in the fifteen hundreds. Broken ceramic pieces are sealed together, but instead of hiding the cracks, the cracks are boldly highlighted and traced over with gold. Normally anything that was broken and refurbished sells at a discount, but not Kintsugi pottery. Most often, the ceramic piece turns out to be more beautiful and more valuable than before it was broken.” (Kyle Idleman –The end of me/jesus).

Vulnerability is so amazing and I fight it everyday. Not that we should be walking sob stories of how broken we are, but Jesus says such strange things like “he is strong in our weakness” and “blessed are the poor in spirit”. He talks about prayer and points out that the one he hears is “have mercy on me Lord for I am a sinner”. I see it in the underdog stories I love where the worse thing that happens to someone turns out to be the best. I see it in the honest friend that tells me how she really feels that day.

I am so thankful I don’t have to have it all together because I don’t and won’t, even though I will keep on trying, but I am even more thankful for Jesus who reminds me that I am loved. I am loved period. I am loved without a clause of togetherness, or a predetermined level of acceptability. Looking through the bible he seems pretty partial to broken people (which is good since that is totally inclusive) and especially partial to those broken people who know they are broken and rely on him to fill the cracks.

May your gold shine through today. May we all be a little more open to our need for Jesus’ power to hold us together. And may we rest knowing we are broken and beautiful.

Joy York is a wife to Grady, and mom to 3 amazing young ladies. Writing helps her sort through life. She enjoys hiking, napping, music, dancing and reading (not necessarily in that order). To balance the practical aspects of her nature she is attempting to invite more creativity and faith into each day. Some days that is easier than others. You can find more of her musings at joystuff

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