Scars – Paige Winn


Author: Paige Winn

I have a wicked scar on my belly.  You see, both my boys were born via C-section.  My oldest was born by an unplanned, super-scary emergency C-section and it saved his life.  I wore that scar as a badge of honor for a long time.  I still do.  In fact, any time my boys or my husband would get feisty with me, I would whip out the “scar card”.  “Do you need to see my scar?”  Yep, worked every time…  well, it worked for a while.  Unfortunately, I have many scars.  Most of them are from bad decisions, crazy ideas, and mistakes – things I learned to never do again!  Some of my scars were inflicted by others and not even my fault.  I have a few that I can’t even remember how I got them!  I actually really like all my scars.  They remind me where I have been in my life and how I survived.  But by far, my favorite scar is the belly because it is a constant reminder of God’s amazing Grace and Power and Goodness.

We all carry scars, some visible and some hidden.  Scars from grief, from brokenness, and even from sin. You may have an invisible scar on your heart from: a betrayal, a hurtful word or deed, or a significant loss.  The emotional ones are tough.  Our scars are a part of our story.  The most important thing to remember about scars is that the wound is either healing or healed.  They don’t hurt us anymore.  They aren’t open and bleeding or terribly painful.  They are healed.  Reminders to us of where we have been and of how far we have come.  Jesus longs to heal our wounds.  He is Healer.  There is not a wound or scar He can’t redeem.   There are times He heals a wound and it is gone.  Thank you Jesus!  But sometimes we are left with a permanent mark.  I don’t think scars are there to shame us or hurt us.  I think they are a sign of victory.  I survived!  I endured!  I overcame!  And by I – I mean we – Jesus and me.  Because without him, I would still be brooding about some of those past hurts and picking at the wounds.  Thankfully, His grace is bigger.  In His infinite wisdom, He knows that sometimes we need the reminder.  A reminder of what we conquered, of what we endured, of what we learned, and of His unending Mercy and Love.

My favorite line from the book The Shack by William P. Young is “love always leaves a significant mark”.  That quote has stuck with me for years since I first read the book.  He pierced my heart with those words to always remember His marks of love.  Beloved, our Savior is no stranger to scars.  His back was covered in them, his head was pierced from a crown of thorns, his side was cut open, and he has nail scars on his hands and feet.  For me.  For you.  For Love.  They are evidence of His sacrifice and His Perfect Love.

In John 20:19-20, when Jesus first appeared to his disciples after his death, he used his scars as proof of who He was.  He showed them to His disciples when they did not recognize Him and He used them to minister to them.  We can use our scars too – they are part of our story.  They are proof that He can redeem even the most painful of experiences.  God can use our very deepest hurts to be our greatest testimony.  It’s our story.  He wrote it long ago – scars remind us we heal because we have a Healer and He can use us to heal others.

“In Heaven, there will only be one person with scars.  You will have none because He will have taken yours.”  J.S.Parks



Paige Winn is a stay at home mom of two almost grown boys, 20 and 17. She has an MBA and a Marketing degree from Auburn University. War Eagle! Her heart is found in volunteering for FMSC by feeding His children hungry in body and soul, serving on the Elder board at Rising Church and on the Greeting and Hospitality teams, and being in the Presence of the King. Her passion is prayer and encouraging others to seek and know our Good, Good Father.


2 thoughts on “Scars – Paige Winn

  1. A lovely story of the power of God’s grace, Paige. Even the scars from our own rebellion serve as great reminders that our King never leaves us nor forsakes us. Thanks for sharing!


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