Open Hands – Katie Brown


Author: Katie Brown

“I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open.”- Nothing I Hold On To by United Pursuit

It’s amazing what God will do with the smallest of offerings. He takes the meagerest of sacrifices and multiplies it beyond comprehension. He takes one boy’s lunch and feeds crowd of thousands. He takes 12 ordinary men and spreads the Gospel throughout the world. He takes the simplest confession of faith and covers a multitude of sins.

I know this truth well and have seen it play out in my own life and in the lives of others, yet so often, I find myself living with white knuckles- clenching things so tightly and refusing to open myself up to the possibility of losing them. I fear what God will do with them, so I keep them from Him.

However, here’s the problem with closed fists. You might hold onto what you have, but you’re unable to recieve anything else.

When you consider God’s character, this is a tragic way to go through life. The God we follow is extravagantly generous, desiring to shower us with love, blessings and good gifts. He wants to give us so much more than we could ever dare dream.

So why would we ever knowingly close ourselves off to the richness and fullness of God’s love? Perhaps our perspective is flawed. We see friends, security, family, comfort or a myriad of other things as more important than God’s favor.

After all, if I let go of these gifts so precious to me, I might lose them. So I hold onto to mediocre relationships for fear I might end up alone. I hold onto my resources for fear I might end up with nothing. I hold unto control of my life for fear of what God will do with it.

Yet when I soften my grip and in faith release these things to God, He blows apart my expectations in the best way. Yes He takes things away I should have gotten rid of long before, but He also gives back hundredfold.

The reckless blessing of God is always worth the sacrifice. In God’s economy, when we risk everything for Him in obedience, we can’t truly lose. His blessing comes, our faith grows exponentially, we witness miracles, we see Him move in mighty ways, lives are transformed and hope reaches the darkest places.

I aspire to live my life with open hands. I want to say yes to whatever God has for me and let go of the things that truly pale in comparison.

After all, when we unclench our fists, we gain Jesus and what could ever be more valuable than God Himself?



Katie Brown is the current Rising Students Intern and is excited to share her heart with the women of Rising Church! She believes in the transforming power of relationships and hopes this blog and The Gathering will help bring women of all ages together in rich community. Katie is originally from southern California and loves coffee, road trips and football.


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