A Special Gathering Outreach


Who can Volunteer? Men or women, 18 and over.

What: The Gathering is hosting a youth night at the Gainesville Detention Center! The event  will include: worship, games, a message, small groups, and refreshments. We are estimating an attendance of 60 youth and will divide them into 3 groups of 20 – 2 groups of boys and 1 group of girls. Kelly Phillips and Jalen Sowell will both be sharing their testimonies. At the end of the evening we will have snacks and small groups. The small groups will be lead by the women and men of The Gathering. Small group questions are at the bottom of the sheet. If you are able, please sign up to bring a store bought snack here.

When: Friday, October 20th/ 6:45 pm – 8:30 pm

Where: The Gainesville Regional Youth Detention Center
Please use your GPS to arrive at the Gainesville Regional Youth Detention Center –
450 Crescent Dr. Gainesville, GA  30501

Instructions upon arrival: Meet at the detention center at 6:45 pm. The program will start at  7:15 pm. The building is a small one story with one main entrance that is very clear. Park anywhere in the parking lot. Bring ID, keys, and purchased food with you. Please leave everything else in your car. After you park, meet Sarah DeLotelle in front of the main door. When entering the center you will  go through a metal detector and will be scanned with a hand wand, similar to the airport. It should take you approximately 30 seconds to go through security. There are a few short forms you will need to fill out upon arrival. If you arrive late, simply let the officer in charge know that  you are with the church people. You can come and go into the building as you Choose.

Dress code: Please do not wear shorts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, or flip flops. Jeans are ok.

What part will you play: Have fun, sing, dance, eat, and talk.  Mostly enjoy the kids. You will fall in love with them and want to bring them all home with you, but  please only make promises you can keep. You are welcome to continue coming to the center and keep in contact with kids. You will also be involved in leading a small group at the end of the night. Please sign up to bring a store bought snack if you are able.

Questions: If you have any questions please contact Sarah DeLotelle
Email: sarahdelotelle@risingchurch.org  Phone: 423 716 7561

Small Group Question:
Go around the circle and ask everyone’s name, age, and their favorite movie of all time.
Would you rather be an ok player on the best team or the best player on an ok team?
What is your favorite and least favorite Halloween candy?
What is  one thing that stood out to you from the speaker’s testimony?
Is there anything that we can pray for you about?

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