The Pursuer of Our Hearts – Katelyn Borek


Author: Katelyn Borek

There is always new revelation with God, as He is limitless and wild, yet some traits of His nature remain revolutionary in my heart day to day. One of those ideas is the metaphor of marriage he uses with us as a church, and as sole adopter heirs. A friend of mine recently spoke on this, and it enthralled me all over again. I am not married, so I am no expert on the subject, but I am pursued for a marriage ceremony by the Lord of Lords that will be with Him.

From the beginning of time, God knew the purposes of man and how our existence would come about. He knew that we would wander and that the holy love in us designed for Him would be given to things of less priority. God knew that our hearts would beat only truly with Him, yet our affections would be divided. The gracious thing about it all is that he chooses to have us, want us, and give to us every single morning, and for all eternity. His mercy comes in the sweetest form of romance we know, a marriage promise and a wedding preparation.

The return to a personal relationship with God is given in a marriage metaphor with Jesus. During the last supper, Jesus offers the disciples a glass of wine, what we now practice in communion as a reminder. That offering of a wine glass was the way in which men of the time proposed to women. Should she accept, the future groom would then go away and begin preparing a place for them to live once married. Their best friends would be the communicators between the two of them, relaying wedding plans and anything that was necessary for their unity to come about. That is a perfect metaphor for the Gospel and the way in which the Holy Spirit works in our lives

Jesus is not the only time we see marriage used as the example of God and us. All throughout scriptures, Israel is referred to as a wife. Hosea and Gomer are reflective of the faithfulness of God. Jeremiah and Isaiah continuously write about the covenant of God with the house of Judah.  The awaited time in Heaven is to be a wedding feast, ceremony, and complete unification. There will be “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.”

All of this said, there is so much more to each of these things. I encourage you if this speaks to your heart as far as it does mine, to dive into each of these pillar times, events, people, and symbols. He is the perfect bridegroom, the patient pursuer. He chases after us in the still small whisper and the bountiful, abundant blessing. He loves perfectly and leaves no room for fear in the relationship we have with him. He renovates our lives and dresses us in white as he prepares a place for us to be in perfect relationship with him.

So, know today that you are so incredibly, unimaginably, scandalously, graciously LOVED. By GOD. He has never stopped chasing after your heart. This time here is only the engagement season to the wedding and then the marriage of Christ and the church. There is more than we could ever ask or imagine in the affections of Jesus and His plans for our relationship.



Katelyn Borek is a first year at Georgia State University in crazy, wonderful Atlanta, GA where she is studying public policy with a concentration in nonprofit management. She is called to abolitionist ministry and dreams of working in the restoration process of anti-trafficking. She is a lover of worship, missions, folk music, weak, sweet coffee, fellowship, and travel. Her favorite verses are Psalm 27:4 and Micah 6:8. Kate is so excited about the words of The Lord that are going to be shared through The Well!


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