False Humility In Our World Today – Bailey Tiller


Author: Bailey Tiller

Typical pride promotes cockiness, arrogance, etc. Most of us get that and try to stay far away from that. False humility, on the other hand, tends to fly under the radar because it masquerades as humility. This makes sense because Christ like humility is one of the best characteristics we can have as believers. It is one of the most attractive qualities about Jesus. For a time in my life, I didn’t know that I was actually working out of a place of false humility, rather than true humility. I want to share my personal journey with you.

I struggled with migraines for most of my high school experience. It got really bad in late high school and I missed a lot of class. It was a mess. I remember being at church numerous times and when we would get to prayer requests, I would never say anything.  Sometimes people would say  “Hey Bailey- we should pray for healing in your head” and I would be SO reluctant to do so. When others would ask why I was uncomfortable, my thoughts would be “We should be praying for starving kids across the world or someone who is battling cancer. We don’t need to pray for me, I’ll be fine”.  I was trying to be “humble” by saying I didn’t need prayer and that I would worry about it myself.

This false sense of humility began to obstruct my view not only of Jesus, but myself over time. I would rarely open up about my migraines and when somebody would ask I would always feel so weird talking about myself.  If I talk about myself too much, am I being prideful? That’s a common question I would have.

As I went to college where I did a lot of identity and heart work on myself with the Lord, He brought up this idea of false humility to me and it was then I realized that it was completely from the enemy. In my concern of wanting to be humble and not prideful, I actually ended up robbing God of precious time we could have been having or I could have been building community and letting my my brothers and sisters pray for me. Isn’t that crazy? I know that my old way of thinking is actually way more common than I would care to see. It’s something most of us struggle with because we really do think that is a way of being humble, when it’s the opposite. We have the best and right intentions the whole time, but somehow the final result is not what our intentions were about.

Here’s another common example. You decorated for a party super well, you gave an amazing speech at work, you cooked a delicious dinner, etc and someone goes to give you a compliment/encourage you on your amazing job. What do we do?  We just kind of brush it off or say “it was nothing” or barely blurt out a thank you because we think that is what humble people do. Who ever said it was prideful to receive a compliment? It’s a downright lie, that’s what it is!

Here’s what I’ve been learning to do. I continue to feed myself with the word and ask myself what does it look like to live a life of freedom in Christ. True encouragement is one of the best tools we have against the enemy and the world. Accept the compliment because you did a killer job on that dinner! Why? Because you were using your gift of hospitality from the Lord and by acknowledging that, it lifts both people up, as well as God himself. Accept the prayer for whatever you are going through because the Lord desires to transform and build your life up through other believers (and Him).

False humility says to shrug it off because it will come off prideful otherwise
True identity/humility accepts the blessing & takes it as true encouragement because it is!

We are meant to live beautiful lives and walk with the authority the Lord has given us. Let’s accept our gifting’s and receive the compliments because it is an amazing reminder that points us back to Him.


Bailey Tiller is newly married recent college grad. She has a deep passion for discipleship and leadership within the church and beyond. One of her dreams is to help individuals realize the unique, heavenly gifting placed on everyone’s life. In her spare time she loves watching documentaries, thinking about how awesome dogs are, and not taking herself too seriously. She’s honored to get the opportunity to share how the Lord is transforming her heart with others.



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