A Snapshot of Rising’s Womens Retreat

This past October, 50 women gathered in the North Gorgia mountains to bond and seek the Lord  together. Highlights from the weekend included: Cabin coffee times, worship and small groups, a hike lead by the fearless Tasha, Games headed up by Slimfast Sally and Moondust Starblossom ( you had to be there, there are no words), tasty meals shared around a table, and reliving the glory of the 80’s in an epic Throwback Throwdown. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard and consistently in a 48 hour period of time – like ever! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this a memorable weekend! A special thank you goes out to our photographer, Bailey Tiller!

Click here for all the pictures!

retreat 1retreat 2retreat 3retreat 4

retreat 13retreat 12retreat 11retreat 10retreat 9retreat 8retreat 7retreat 6retreat 5

retreat 15retreat 16retreat 17

retreat 20retreat 21retreat 22retreat 24

retreat 18

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