What Is The Well?

The Well is a faith-based blog designed uniquely for women. The Well exists to inspire, encourage, and refresh women in their faith journey through personal stories and Biblical teaching. Its ultimate purpose is to lead its readers into a deeper more vibrant relationship with Jesus. New posts are made every Monday and Thursday morning. Monday’s posts consist of an article, devotion, vlog, or worship song from one of my favorite speakers, writers, or ministers. Thursday’s posts consist of a devotion written by a woman of Rising Church.

If you would like links to the blog posts sent directly to your phone text @gatheringrsng to 81010.



A Bit About The Creator

Hi! My name is Sarah DeLotelle. I’m the Women’s Community Life Director at Rising Church in Suwanee, Ga and the creator of The Well. I love reading, writing, and adventuring with my mountain man of a husband Steve and our son Levi Tennessee. I am passionate about seeing the Lord glorified through His fully alive church!